2024 Cinvestav – CNR Call for Proposals

Grants for collaborative projects

Deadline for receipt of proposals: June 5th, 2024.

In accordance with provisions of Article 2 and 3 of the Specific Cooperation Agreement between the Center for Research and Advanced Studies of The United Mexican States (Cinvestav) and The National Research Council of The Italian Republic (CNR), signed in Mexico City, Mexico, on the fourth day of July of two thousand and sixteen, Cinvestav is pleased to announce the fourth call for proposals of joint projects in basic and applied collaborative research between Cinvestav and CNR.

The main goal of the program is to enable the establishment of new collaborative initiatives with potential for creating permanent ties between Cinvestav and CNR that will grow and continue with the support of other institutional and extramural funds. Funded projects are expected to lead to development of major, long-term collaborations, and significant advancement of research collaborations in artificial intelligence, energy, agriculture, plant genomics, marine sciences, health, and other related disciplines with a positive impact on society. The program also favors projects that enhance institutional collaboration in terms of student training and researcher exchanges.

  1. Eligibility

Each proposal must be co-directed by eligible Principal Investigators (PI) from Cinvestav and CNR. Cinvestav´s PI must be a FULL TIME Researcher (Investigador Cinvestav nivel 3). Postdoctoral researchers, part time employees and students are not eligible to participate

Researchers are encouraged to submit proposals that include additional academic participants from their institutions. The PI may submit only ONE ORIGINAL research proposal, i.e., same or similar proposals should NOT have been submitted to other funding agencies.

  1. Applications

All proposals should be written in English and include the following:

  • Application Form – cover sheet providing summary information about the project. Keep in mind that the abstract should be understandable by a review committee of diverse academic expertise.
  • Cinvestav’s PI institutional support signed by the Unit Director or Head of the Department.
  • Budget request specifying the cost (in euros) of all items. The budget must also include planned expenses, scheduled activities and cost distribution for both Cinvestav and CNR.
  • Abbreviated CV from the PI and each academic participant (except students), non-exceeding two pages each, and including a list of most relevant publications.
  • Any project planning to use animals, human subjects, including pilot surveys or interviews, is required to get prior approval or exemption. Copies of approval or research permits must be included as an attachment in the proposal.
  • Project plan. The meaningful participation of the PI must be evident in the project plan. Provide background information about the project, summarize relevant academic or scientific issues and literature, and state the specific objectives of the project. Describe the work to be performed, including a task distribution program and the timeline governing the work; discuss plans for continuation of the project beyond the grant period, including plans to seek additional funding from other agencies. Explain the significance of the work, in terms of its potential for the advancement of science, education, or technology and its possible impact in regional, environmental, economic or social development. If graduate students are to be involved in the project, describe the work they will undertake, its relevance to their graduate studies, and the supervision planned for their participation. Also provide a list of key scientific articles related to the project. Divide the project plan as follows:
  • Objectives: Scientific objectives (3000 characters).
  • Description and methodologies (6000 characters).
  • International context (2000 character).
  • Five recent publications in the context of the project (México) (2000 characters).
  • Current cooperation with the Italian counterpart (2000 character).
  • Detailed schedule of activities and expected results (4000 characters).
  • Bibliography
  1. Submission of proposals

Research proposals must be submitted using the following link:


  1. Application deadline

Proposals must be submitted by June 5th, 2024, 11:59 pm (Mexico Central time).

  1. Scientific evaluation

Cinvestav and CNR are committed to the principles of peer review and parity in the review and selection processes. Each proposal will be reviewed, evaluated and rated by a committee of researchers from Mexican and Italian institutions representing expertise in relevant topics. Proposals should be written for a committee of broadly-based expertise and interests. The following criteria will be applied to the evaluation:

  1. Quality and originality of the project (maximum 10 points).
  2. Clarity in the presentation of the problem, scientific approach, objectives and research goals (maximum 10 points).
  3. Congruence between objectives, financial request, and viability to finish the project in two years (maximum 10 points).
  4. Contribution of the project to the advancement of knowledge, its applications, or development of technological, educational, or social innovations (maximum 10 points).
  5. Academic background of the PI and the research group, complementarity with Italian counterparts (maximum 10 points).

In addition, reviewers will seek meaningful participation of Italian collaborators, project designs that lead to development of new research programs and resources, potential for establishing long-term collaborative activities, and participation of graduate students.

Reviewers will consider the intention of the Italian and Mexican groups to submit applications for extramural funding agencies and foundations that can provide substantial long-term support.

  1. Selection of awardees

Proposals will be listed according to their scientific evaluation, and exchanged with the list prepared by CNR. Awardees will be selected jointly by CNR and Cinvestav, taking into consideration evaluations obtained from both Parties.

The list of awardees will be published in November, 2024. Decision of selected projects to be financed will be final.

  1. Funding

The agreement between CNR and CINVESTAV for the 2024 Call for Proposals provides a maximum funding for four (4) projects with an annual contribution per Part of Euro 10.000 per year, for two years, for each funded project.

Funds will be provided following Cinvestav and CNR policies and institutional requirements. No indirect costs or institutional overhead may be charged against funds awarded under this program. Each PI is responsible for administration, accounting, and timely completion of financial reports. Final scientific and financial reports are to be submitted jointly by both PI’s to Cinvestav and CNR authorities for their records. Financial reports will be audited.

Cinvestav and CNR support must be acknowledged in all products resulting from this financial support.

Allowable expenses include:

  • Domestic and international travel – including transportation, lodging, and meal expenses - for project planning, collaborative research and training; field, laboratory and archival research; and data collection. Conference attendance is given lower priority in the review process.
  • Research materials.

Items which will NOT be funded include:

  • Student research assistant
  • Purchase of equipment
  • Salary payments to PI’s or any other academic collaborator
  • Student fees or tuition
  • Indirect costs or institutional overhead assessments

For additional information contact:

Coordinación de Relaciones Internacionales: cori@cinvestav.mx